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The Berkeley Patients Group is the oldest continually operating dispensary in the country, and has historically been a model for how the industry should operate and what corporate social responsibility should look like. Sabrina Fendrick is the Director of Government Affairs for BPG, which means that she is in charge of the policy side of things. Fendrick notes that between January and July of 2018, the entire supply chain had to be restructured, which was difficult because so many temporary licenses were expiring. Because this is the only industry – and California is the only state – that has four agencies regulating one supply chain, there have been lots of extra challenges and limitations present, especially amidst all the changes that occurred last year. Although 2019 hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, the regulatory landscape has certainly improved since 2018.


Seth Adler: Sabrina Fendrick returns. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host, Seth Adler. Download episodes on, that's two Ns, and the word "economy." We've got a ton of direct insight from folks like Sabrina Fendrick, from institutions, storied institutions like the Berkeley Patients Group right up to brand new institutions from a business perspective. We've got policy insight and we've got science insight, all available at, please do visit that. And please do visit CannaTech in Cape Town. They are a new supporter. Here's a further word on the upcoming show.
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Seth Adler: So I was wondering, because the energy, it's always positive and always wonderful. But are you hungry, are you tired, are you annoyed? These are the things that I was asking you. And you said, "I'm no longer hungry."
Sabrina F.: Yeah, if you're asking if I'm one of Snow White's dwarves of Sleepy, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey ...
Seth Adler: Right, those guys, yeah. I want to be Happy, I want to be. I strive to be Happy.
Sabrina F.: I can't remember the rest of them, but ...
Seth Adler: I'm probably Dopey, or maybe Dumpy.
Sabrina F.: I think it could be a combination.
Seth Adler: Right. I'm Sneezy sometimes.
Sabrina F.: They're not mutually exclusive. Yeah.
Seth Adler: Yeah, I'm definitely Grumpy. Is Grumpy one of them?
Sabrina F.: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Seth Adler: Right.
Sabrina F.: It's been a minute. I think Grumpy's one of them. Dopey's definitely one of them.
Seth Adler: Yeah, maybe we are all each of the seven dwarves.
Sabrina F.: We're an elf, or a dwarf.
Seth Adler: Maybe that's the thing. But you were saying you're not hungry, and so food ...
Sabrina F.: No, I'm not hungry.
Seth Adler: We checked the food box.
Sabrina F.: We checked the food box.
Seth Adler: And then water is separate than food?
Sabrina F.: Well-
Seth Adler: Because you brought up Maslow's hierarchy.
Sabrina F.: Yeah, I said the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy in my life has been satisfied today.
Seth Adler: Which is what, which is the bottom?
Sabrina F.: Which is food, water, shelter, and it looks like it changed and now there's warmth is one of them, which I guess matters. There's lots of warmth in San Jose.

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