Ep. 493: Terra Carver

December 5, 2019

Terra Carver, of the Humboldt County Grower’s Alliance, joins us to discuss the best way to move the cannabis industry forward: “When we advocate…we’re really trying to look beyond just making money or thinking about this as a business and ensuring that we’re protecting our environment, we’re protecting our communities and keeping the ecosystem of our culture really healthy.” Carver also discusses the current state of provisional licenses, difficult barriers to entry, and the complications that would come if hemp were produced within Humboldt County.


Seth Adler: Terra Carver joins us. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on canneconomy.com that's two N's and the word economy or wherever you're trying to get your podcasts. First a word from our supporter and then Terra Carver.
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Seth Adler: All right, so we've got Terra Carver from the Humboldt County Growers Alliance. Terra, thanks so much for doing this.
Terra Carver: Pleasure to be here.
Seth Adler: Yeah. All right, so please set us up. Obviously you are based there in Humboldt County. What do we need to know about the organization before we have this conversation?
Terra Carver: Awesome. Okay. Humboldt County Growers Alliance. We founded this organization roughly about three years ago, although we come from a long history of cannabis production in Humboldt, 60 plus years. So, I like to say that collectively we have 60 years worth of experience, but only three years worth of really an organization. We have growers in our name, although we represent the entire supply chain. We chose the word growers over cannabis because of banking issues. So it's a little bit misleading in the context of we don't just represent farmers. We have manufacturers, retailers, distributors, testing labs the entire plant touching ecosystem in our Alliance. And then we're partly supported by auxiliary businesses, soil companies, lawyers, consultants, and so on and so on. We have roughly 300 members or collectively 300 members and we do three things. We do advocacy, education and public relations, advocacy being the main focus as California and the County have moved forward. We've been engaged on every level to represent the businesses that support us.

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