Ep. 498: Troy Dayton

December 23, 2019

Troy Dayton, CEO of the ArcView Group, begins by discussing the recent passing of the SAFE Banking Act: “Forcing people to deal with cash, even if you oppose legalization, is outrageous. Everybody has agreed forever that these businesses should have access to banking.” Dayton believes that this victory will make a huge difference to the industry and to the movement, but reminds us that our work is not done until we pass federal legalization and expunge records for nonviolent drug crimes. Dayton also discusses the need for scientific research to catch up with the pace of industry, the nuances of the STATES Act, the demand for CBD, and also notes that the trend of companies going public probably won’t become mainstream at least for a few years.


Seth Adler: Troy Dayton returns. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on canneconomy.com, that's two N's and the word economy, or wherever you get your podcasts. First a word from our supporter, and then Troy Dayton.
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Seth Adler: Troy Dayton, it's been too long.
Troy Dayton: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Seth Adler: I happen to catch you. We still are within weeks of your most recent, well, trip I guess to the desert.
Troy Dayton: Yes. Yes.
Seth Adler: We have old accounts. So what's the latest account?
Troy Dayton: Yeah. Well this was my 18th Burning Man, and it's the freest place on earth. It's home to me. So it's so great to be home. It wasn't one of these I don't have some big story about like unbelievable transcendence or any story of deep challenge. I wish I did on some level. However, I really, really enjoyed it. It was great to be home. I love the community that gets built there. I love the freedom. I love who I am there.
Seth Adler: The purity is retained there, is that... Because I spoke to our common friend Betty Aldworth who is not so common. She's a friend in common. And it sounds like the purity has been retained there somehow over decades.
Troy Dayton: Yeah. I mean, well I've been going for 18 years. So it's changed a lot in 18 years.
Seth Adler: Changed, yes.
Troy Dayton: But it's still the freest place on earth. It's still unbelievable, and there's lots of other burns happening if you really want that sort of smaller kind of experience. There's other burns all around the world. Yeah, it's really powerful. I think spaces like Burning Man begin to start mattering more as the general culture seems to fall apart.
Seth Adler: Well, I can't disagree you there.

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