Ep. 499: Cam Battley, Aurora

December 26, 2019

Cam Battley, CCO of Aurora Cannabis, begins by discussing the importance of social justice in the cannabis industry: “It’s part of the founding ethic of our company. It is what animates us. It’s what delivers a sense of mission […] We are business people, but in business, to be able to combine a sense of mission, a belief in the rightness, and the value of what you’re achieving.” He points out that, by being a part of a new industry, we have the opportunity to make it better than legacy industries — for example, prioritizing diversity in the workplace. Battley believes that people involved in the cannabis market before legalization have the right to work in the legal sector, and also discusses sustainability regarding indoor growing facilities.


Seth Adler: Cam Battley joins us. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on canneconomy.com, or wherever currently get your podcasts. First a word from our supporter, and then Cam Battley.
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Cam Battley: My name is Cam Battley, that's C-A-M B-A-T-T-L-E-Y. I'm Chief Corporate Officer of Aurora Cannabis.
Seth Adler: One of the things that you mentioned here at CannaTech in Cape Town, it was at the end, but it was prominent was your focus on social justice both personally, and corporate wise.
Cam Battley: Can I tell you how important social justice is to not just me, but all of us at Aurora?
Seth Adler: Please.
Cam Battley: It's part of the founding ethic of our company. It is what animates us. It's what delivers a sense of mission. Look, make no mistake, we are bound and determined to be the best, and the biggest cannabis company in the world. To take the leadership that we've established to date, and take it global. That is going to happen. We are business people, but in business, to be able to combine a sense of mission, a belief in the rightness, and the value of what you're achieving.
Cam Battley: In our case, for patients, for consumers, and for societies, it to be able to combine those two things. That's the sweet spot in life. People call it, doing well by doing good. I think that's not colorful enough for what we feel, it's not strong enough. That sense of mission is visible at all of our facilities, and it's present in all of our people. I think it's part of what differentiates Aurora. We're not just doing this to make money, we're doing this to do good.
Seth Adler: Your direct reports also you have focused on diversity of thought in every way.
Cam Battley: Aurora is a remarkably diverse company. We're tracking this to make sure that we're overrepresented wherever possible in vulnerable communities, and typically underrepresented communities. Within my direct reports, I've made a conscious decision to seek out diverse employees, whether it be people from the LGBTQ community, whether it be hiring women, whether it be looking for people who are visible minorities, people of color.

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