Today we are joined by Nial DeMena, President and CEO of Manna Molecular Science. DeMena begins by discussing the advantages of adhesive patches over inhalation as a means of consuming cannabis, especially for women: “Your lungs are a very sensitive organ — they’re hard to get to and you can’t survive without your lungs. Whereas your skin, skin regenerates very quickly. You can scratch it and heals quickly. There’s a lot of things that the skin can tolerate that other parts of the body can’t.” DeMena also discusses global expansion, the public market, the problems with vaping, the importance of testing and regulation, and more.


Seth Adler: Nial from Manna joins us. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on, that's two Ns in the word economy, or wherever you currently get your podcasts. First a word from our supporter and then Nial from Manna.
Seth Adler: I've known the family behind Medicine Man for the past eight years. Pioneers in Colorado, the family business helped set the path for global adult use cannabis. Mg magazine has voted them, top 50 cannabis companies to work for two consecutive years running. Check out their website at or visit one of their locations in Denver, Aurora, Thornton or Longmont the next time you're in Colorado, to understand how one family has helped chart the course for the next great American industry.
Nial: Two o'clock?
Seth Adler: Two o'clock. He's had only had black coffee.
Nial: I'm a big longevity person.
Seth Adler: Are you the Tim Ferriss type situation?
Nial: I am. So I try to eat once a day, only at night. So I try to go at least 18 hours between feedings and...
Seth Adler: One meal a day?
Nial: One meal a day.
Seth Adler: No grazing.
Nial: Nope.
Seth Adler: No snacks.
Nial: Nope.
Seth Adler: One meal.
Nial: One meal.
Seth Adler: And you eat at night?
Nial: Yeah. And I work out in the morning.
Seth Adler: Workout in the morning off the energy from that, because I just woke up, okay, fine. And then what kind of meal is this?
Nial: So I'm trying to eat a lot more vegetarian.
Seth Adler: Okay, fine. You can eat meat, you would eat meat, you're not eating as much.
Nial: Correct. Again, all these studies are showing that you live longer, you have less bad health outcomes long term. As we said, not having kids, so why not make my life the most enjoyable, longest lasting life that I can have.
Seth Adler: You're saying, why not be the healthiest version of you, that you can be.
Nial: Correct.
Seth Adler: Which feels like a good idea.
Nial: And then when I go out with people, it's not like I have a strict hard and fast rule about this stuff, so I can break and bend the rules, it's my own body.
Seth Adler: It's like the Cole Memos; it's guidance.
Nial: It's guidance, exactly. Yeah.
Seth Adler: It's not a law.
Nial: Yeah, exactly. It's policy. I could write it on a piece of napkin and it's boom, a law.
Seth Adler: Well then you're talking about the Laffer curve, which doesn't have any numbers with it, but that's a whole different conversation. So Nial DeMana, Nial DeMena? Why do I not remember this?
Nial: DeMena.
Seth Adler: Yeah, but I knew that it's... Nial DeMana sounded wrong to my ears when I said it.
Nial: No, no, you remember.
Seth Adler: Because you're Just Nial.
Nial: Instinct.
Seth Adler: So we haven't spoken with microphones, in a couple of years at least.
Nial: That's right.
Seth Adler: So this Manna Molecular, which probably is only Manna now, right?
Nial: No, it's still Manna Molecular Science.
Seth Adler: It is, it is. Okay. So you figured something out here. It turns out we needed Manna Molecular.

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