We have two guests today: Ras Garreth Prince and Clara Norell. We begin by speaking with Ras Garreth Prince about the history of cannabis in South Africa and the tough battle to get where they are today: “Don’t treat me worse than a tobacco smoker, or an alcohol drinker. That’s what I’m asking for. I’m not asking for any privileges, I’m not asking for special treatment, just give me a chance to compete fairly, that’s all that I’m asking for.” Clara Norell, co-founder and CEO of Nordiska Hampa Kompaniet, joins us for a discussion on hemp in Sweden: “We want to create a network of farmers in Sweden. Also, be a main supplier of a high quality, effective, for example, food production. Later on, in a long perspective, for fiber, for textiles, for building material, and for bio-plastics.”


Seth Adler: Ras Gareth Prince, then Clara Norell, join us.
Seth Adler: Welcome to Cannabis Economy, I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on CannEconomy.com, that's two Ns and the word economy, or wherever you currently get your podcasts. First, a word from our supporter, and then Ras Gareth Prince, then Clara Norell.
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Seth Adler: Okay.
Ras Gareth P.: Are we registering some good vibrations?
Seth Adler: Absolutely.
Ras Gareth P.: Straight up.
Seth Adler: I think just having you sit here, we get a lot of that done. We're here at CannaTech Cape Town, we happen to be situated next to a road, but also next to the ocean.
Ras Gareth P.: Wow.
Seth Adler: Right?
Ras Gareth P.: This is the place of contrast, man. I always feel that the universe handed out paradox, South Africa stood first in line.
Seth Adler: So, Ras Gareth Prince, right?
Ras Gareth P.: That's right.
Seth Adler: All right. Educate us on how we say that whole name, so that we understand why Ras is in front?
Ras Gareth P.: Right. I am a Rastafari in this dispensation of time, it's the way of life that I've chosen to express and find myself in this world. So, Ras is an Ethiopian title, as opposed to Mr, or Prince, or Sir, we call ourselves Ras, which equates to Prince in the English language. In essence, I'm Prince Gareth Prince.
Seth Adler: There we go. You're also a lawyer?
Ras Gareth P.: Yes, I joined ...
Seth Adler: When did that happen to you?
Ras Gareth P.: Wow man, I started studying in 1988, and I completed my degree in 1993. Then, I was told, do you know it was improper to practice law?
Seth Adler: Well, what's that mean? What's that?
Ras Gareth P.: Well, once you apply to be admitted to any professional fraternity like lawyers, I had to make an application to the Cape Law Society.
Seth Adler: Okay.
Ras Gareth P.: I had to decide whether to reveal whether I had a criminal record or not, because that's one of the questions on the application form.
Seth Adler: Okay.
Ras Gareth P.: I decided to own my truth.

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