Ep. 517: Hadley Ford, iAnthus

February 27, 2020

Hadley Ford shares his philosophy on business: “I just don’t watch the stock. You just focus on delighting your customers, on creating great products, on optimizing your operations, paying attention, just running a business…if you do that, the stock will take care of itself.” Ford discusses the volatility that drives the stock market, long-term versus short-term risks, and branding versus process/production/growing. He also takes a moment to touch on the main cannabis bills at play: the STATES Act, the SAFE Banking Act, and the MORE Act.


Seth Adler: Hadley Ford returns. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host, Seth Adler. Download episodes on canneconomy.com. That's two N's and the word economy, or wherever you currently get your podcasts. First a word from our supporter and then Hadley ford.
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Seth Adler: Doing what I do, I have noticed that talk show hosts are all sitting definitely higher than the guests.
Hadley Ford: Yes. Yes. That's very true.
Seth Adler: But not me.
Hadley Ford: Not you.
Seth Adler: Not with you.
Hadley Ford: No? You're a man of the people.
Seth Adler: I try to be.
Hadley Ford: You are. A man of the canna people.
Seth Adler: Canna people. Exactly. The canna community or whatever.
Hadley Ford: The canna community.
Seth Adler: Yeah. But we got into this because, before we turn on the microphones ... I'm definitely more vertically challenged than you are. You're gifted, vertically.
Hadley Ford: I'm gifted vertically.
Seth Adler: But we were on a plane together, and in that situation, I got the upper hand, man.
Hadley Ford: You did have the upper hand.
Seth Adler: My knees are not touching that other seat.
Hadley Ford: Yes, but you should point out to all the canna people that you and I were sitting in coach.
Seth Adler: We were-
Hadley Ford: And that some of my peers were in business class.
Seth Adler: And we won't them who it was.
Hadley Ford: We won't tell them who. In these expense-challenged days, where capital is so dear, you got to be in coach.
Seth Adler: You were in coach, and I was in coach, and the whole thing is, your knees, that couldn't have been a fun thing. And then also I left you alone. I didn't tell you I was sitting next to you-
Hadley Ford: No, that's true.
Seth Adler: Until after the flight, because it was every 20 minutes, every 15 minutes-
Hadley Ford: It was like a cocktail party.
Seth Adler: It really was.
Hadley Ford: Everyone kept stopping by, "Oh, I've got this idea I want to pitch you on." And you can't go anywhere. In a cocktail party, you can say, "I need to freshen up my drink." Or, "I need to go to the restroom." But you're stuck there, just hoping for the coffee cart to come by-
Seth Adler: Or something. Exactly.
Hadley Ford: Like a snow plow and clear them away.
Seth Adler: Did we get a tailwind, that we can maybe land 20 minutes earlier? Something?
Hadley Ford: I hadn't anticipated that. I thought I'd get a lot of work done.
Seth Adler: Nothing.
Hadley Ford: It was like six people I had to chat with on the plane.
Seth Adler: Understanding that, here we are at MJBiz.
Hadley Ford: Yes.
Seth Adler: Podcast land knows no time, so it'll come out after that. But onsite here, my first question to you is, are you coming away from the show with different insights than you had coming into the show?

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