Julianna Carella has cooking in her blood – she learned from her parents in the kitchen and has spent her whole life cooking creative and delicious food (much of it with cannabis) for her friends and family. However, this San Francisco native would take two very different career paths before making food her profession. First, she followed her passion as a dancer in New York City, truly living the “starving artist” lifestyle, but when she had her daughter, took up a career in accounting back in San Francisco. Through this experience, she learned the ins-and-outs of what makes businesses succeed or fail, and when a visit to a dispensary opened her eyes to the huge market gap that existed for high-quality cannabis edibles, she used this knowledge to start Auntie Dolores. Auntie Dolores is now the category leader in wellness-minded edibles. Julianna weighs in on setbacks she experienced in building her company, her concerns over how California is going to properly regulate cannabis, and how she is extending her business into other states. Enjoy!


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