Steve DeAngelo has been an activist for as long as he can remember. Coming from a self-described “Civil Rights Family,” he even attended Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington as a 5 year old. When he discovered cannabis at age 13, he felt like he truly found his life’s calling. He ‘joined the revolution’ at age 16 when he banded up with the Youth International Party, and spent the next few decades standing up for his principles as an activist. By the mid 2000s, Steve founded the dispensary paragon Harborside Health Center, and by 2010, had founded the ArcView group to guide the burgeoning legal cannabis industry, thus firmly establishing himself as one of the greatest and most effective advocates for cannabis legalization of all time. When Steve DeAngelo talks, people listen. With us, he shares his thoughts on California’s push for proper regulation, as well as his thoughts on the industry and movement as a whole.


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