Jamie Lewis is a true character, like many others in the industries, and has made many friends for who she is and for the high-quality edibles she produces through her company Mountain Medicinals. She started out as a chef in San Francisco, and soon began to leverage her culinary talent making marijuana-infused goods for a local co-op. During this experience, she was able to experiment and refine her skill creating medicated edibles that were tailored for a variety of conditions and preferences, most notably for her own father, a veteran and long time sufferer of PTSD. The experience healing her father gave Jamie new purpose and urgency in the industry, and she’s an extremely passionate advocate for allowing those with PTSD to use cannabis. She tells us all about that in this interview, as well as giving us the full tale of her career journey from California to Colorado, and her thoughts on the marketplace as a whole and the future of cannabis. Enjoy!


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