As Jeff Bladt puts it, he lives his life by synthesizing large data sets, from factoring in restaurant reviews, public transportation options, time of day etc. into deciding where to go for dinner, to crunching statistics for his fantasy sports teams, to, most importantly, his work as Chief Data Officer at Do Something. Do Something is one of largest organizations in the world that inspires and organizes young people to change the world through civic engagement, and they have the largest membership group of 13-25 year olds in the United States (more than the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts combined). With their cutting edge communication techniques and dedication to collecting and analyzing data from these interactions, Do Something truly has their finger of the pulse of the millennial generation. In this first out of industry interview, we got to hear all about Jeff, and about a recent survey Do Something sent out about marijuana legalization to young people. The results may surprise you, so tune in to hear more!


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