Dr. Hinanit Koltai joins us and shares what she’s finding in phytocannabinoid research. “Not all compounds- the 400 or so present in cannabis- not all of them are needed to treat all different medical indications. But rather, for example, for colon inflammation we found the certain combination of compounds needed to treat this ailment. And we found and we published that as a scientific paper in an international journal, scientific journal, that did see the psychoactive compound of course is not needed to treat, probably is not needed to treat these patients. But rather reduction of inflammation may be done by a different composition of compounds all present in cannabis.” Dr. Koltai notes that her research is able to be done based on the fact that through the Israeli Ministry of Health, she’s growing cannabis right at the Volcani Center. “We can play and manipulate growth conditions to lead to different composition of compounds that the plant produces. We develop different extraction methods. Some of them are widely used, but some of them are unique and interesting.”


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