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Being able to quantify, harness, and ultimately control the psychoactive effects of cannabis is key in making cannabis accessible to as many patients as possible, according to Perry Davidson, founder and CEO of Syqe. When Davidson was first founding Syqe, he noticed that a majority of patients were using cannabis to treat their chronic pain, and that inhalation was the most beneficial route of administration. Since that realization, Syqe has been working to perfect their inhalation system and make it controllable enough to be deliverable to a small child. Davidson notes that “a metered dose inhalation system would allow patients and physicians to be comfortable in that treatment paradigm of cannabis.” In the end, the Syqe team decided to keep the flower in its full, raw form – no chemical alterations, no extractions.


Seth Adler: Perry Davidson joins us. Welcome to Cannabis Economy, I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on, or wherever you currently get your podcasts. A ton of direct insight from scientists, policy experts, and business folks like CEO, Perry Davidson. Please go ahead and check out that direct insight at, with two N's. First, a word from our supporter Bedrocan, and then Perry Davidson.
Speaker 2: Bedrocan is a patient driven, global, pharmaceutical minded cannabis company. Their entire end to end process is GMP certified through Dutch, and ultimately European authorities. Bedrocan is the market leader in Europe for medical cannabis and has been the sole supplier to the Dutch Government for 16 years. Through the Dutch government, Bedrocan provides product to 15 countries currently.
Speaker 2: As a science-based company, Bedrocan invests in clinical research. The Leiden University conducted a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial on fibromyalgia with Bedrocan products, which yielded promising results. They're now working on a followup to that study. Bedrocan is also working on the extent to which cannabis can reduce our reliability on opioids. Bedrocan believes that clinical research is key for the future of the company, standardized product, the industry, and the patient. Visit for more information.
Seth Adler: Okay, we've got Perry Davidson from Syqe Medical. And you do pronounce the E, don't you, Perry?
Perry Davidson: Right, good one. You're one of the first that got it right on the first try. Syqe is a letter play on P-S-Y-C-H-E and the Q is for quantification. So we're, among other things, are trying to quantify the psychoactive states, which is crucial for a good medical product in the cannabis space.
Seth Adler: Quantify the psychoactive state. Unpack that glorious set of words, Perry, please.
Perry Davidson: So one of the key challenges of applying cannabis as a mainstream drug in the market is avoiding any clinical effects which are undesired. Now, while being psychoactive, which is a more scientific term, to becoming high or euphoric in some sense of the word, is maybe desirable in some occasions for your average patient, children or elderly people, people who suffer from chronic diseases who much... Who need to take cannabis on a daily basis, psycho activity is a debilitating clinical outcome.

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