Jeff Jones of Oaksterdam University discusses how his fathers passing led him to a life of activism. Jeff discusses how he found the medical utility in cannabis and didn’t want another person to go through what his dad went through. He talks about his initial dispensary in Oakland and how that led him to the US Supreme Court. His loss in the high court was the industry’s gain in the long run and Jeff explains that he knew that the loss was a win in real time. For more Jones conversation check out Ep. 113 which features Jeff’s wife Dale Sky Jones. But first, we’ve got a mini-interview with David Brown of Lift who’s running the Lift Expo where Seth will be moderating a panel.
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peaker 1: And now for something completely different, just before we get to Jeff Jones had the opportunity to talk to David Brown of Lift who is invited me to the lift expo to moderate a panel. So as I'll be up there in a few weeks thought maybe you would like to know what's going on. Maybe you buy a ticket. Come along. Okay. So David Brown

Speaker 2: from Lyft, Canada. David, thanks for giving us a few minutes. How are you?

Speaker 3: Good. Good stuff. Thanks for having me.

Speaker 2: Of course there. There's good reason to do so. Um, you have invited me to moderate a panel at Lyft Expo, May 28th and 29th. So thanks for the invite. Wanted to make sure to get the word out. Is there still a few weeks to get involved? But uh, what, what are the basics? What do folks need to know? Well, the panel

Speaker 3: be moderating is going to be on the, on the subject of the roots of cannabis access in Canada. And we'll be speaking with a couple people who've been working in the Canadian cannabis industry for a very long time. Now I will be talking about some of the dispensary's and organizations that have helped bring us to this point. You know, Canada's getting ready to start the discussion about legalizing recreational marijuana. A medical cannabis has been legal in Canada for many years now. Uh, and so there's, you know, a long, uh, a long history to talk about as we emerge into this. You know, this new conversation about recreational.

Speaker 4: Yeah,

Speaker 2: yeah. Hillary, uh, you know, coming from BCC CS, a British Columbia Compassion Club society, that's obviously one of the more storied, one of the most storied. Uh, I'm in Canada and her current work at Badger can. I mean, you know, I, I know and Love Hillary. It's a great choice for, for a panelist and you can't go wrong with, with at least her, right?

Speaker 3: Yeah, I think, I think it will be a great conversation. She, Hillary has moderated our forums in the past for us, uh, and she will be able to speak to that entire Qa, that entire history coming from a place of activism and push and pushing the boundaries of legal access to know working inside this emerging industry. To ensure that patients still are represented as part of that conversation and uh, and we will also have a dealer and Mcpherson who is the incoming president of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis dispensaries and he'll be able to talk about everything that's going on right now, especially in Vancouver and Victoria in terms of their attempt to regulate dispensary's as well.

Speaker 2: Excellent. As far as the two days, you know, how, how much content is there, how many sessions do you have and all that

Speaker 3: we have. We have dozens of speakers lined up. We have people from analytical testing labs, we have representatives from licensed producers. We have people who are growing under the, the older, uh, mm ar system, uh, which was sort of a home production system that emerged into a supplying a lot of dispensaries. We have, you know, everyone representing just about every aspect of the industry will. We'll be speaking. It's going to be exciting.

Speaker 2: Excellent. Fantastic. What else is going on besides the speakers? Uh, I would imagine there is a s a fair amount of an expo if it's called the, uh, lift cannabis expo, right?

Speaker 3: Yes, absolutely. We have over 100 exhibitors, again, from all aspects of the industry. We will have a vape lounge. Uh, we will have a demo area where people will be showing off some recipes as well as some extraction methods. Uh, and uh, we will have a few a surprise events that will be disclosed at the event.

Speaker 2: What are you most excited about? I guess a without sharing one of the surprise events?

Speaker 3: Well, I think, uh, bringing this many people together, not only from across Canada but North America, I think that people have their eyes on Canada right now and it's a great opportunity for, for everyone to learn more about what's happening and the conversations that will be coming out of that is, is certainly what excites me.

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