Episode #64 – Dr. Sue Sisley

December 11, 2015

Dr. Sue Sisley’s name first popped up in headlines last year when news broke that she had been fired from the University of Arizona, shortly after getting a study approved to examine the use of marijuana to treat PTSD in war veterans. While the University has denied the decision had anything to do with the nature of Dr. Sisley’s research, many have chalked it up to another attempt to stifle the cannabis movement, and support for Dr. Sisley arose nationwide. In this interview, she tells us about everything she’s doing to ensure that her research can be conducted and proliferated for the benefit of science, and for the benefit of veterans worldwide. She breaks down some of her scientific reasoning, as well as detailing the many different forms of political opposition that has been standing in her way. The effects of PTSD are, in her words, one of the biggest public health crises facing America right now, and we are all glad that Dr. Sisley is doing all she can on behalf of these veterans and of the plant. Enjoy!


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