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David Hua, CEO, Meadow | September 11, 2019

David Hua attended the NCIA conference this year and shares few key take-aways as a member of the NCIA retail subcommittee: The conference set aside an afternoon for all the different subcommittees to gather and plan out their strategy and initiatives for the year. Also, during the hemp panel, subcommittees discussed California’s bill AB-228. Currently, two regimes are regulating hemp. At the moment, California does not allow food to use CBD extraction from hemp, while the federal government does. David reflects on the fact that there were some absent familiar faces from past meetings at this year’s NCIA conference. As well, licensure and permits lapse, leaving cultivators scrambling before harvest. AB-97 allows people provisional licenses as a solution. However, in order to meet the harvest deadline in October, these cultivators are stuck in “hurry up and wait” mode. As a California cultivator, provisional licenses require a lot of paperwork and approval from agencies like the BCC and CEQA. Lapsed license holders are subject to enforcement. In fact, this year, California is spending $113 million on enforcement. California is experiencing a bit of a “Prohibition 2.0” with its limitations. David offers his view of a better way. Listen to David dive deeper on these topics below.

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