EP. 439: Saul Kaye, iCan

June 10, 2019

Saul Kaye joins us and shares how perceptions of Cannabis have changed and it’s implications on various markets: “We’re talking about cannabis revolution. At the same time we’re feeling the anti-farmer revolution. This I need one molecule to treat one disease, which 10 years ago that disease probably didn’t exist. We made them up because then we can treat them. That’s moving at the same time towards whole plant medicine, botanicals, cannabis. We’re going to see a whole shift.”


Seth Adler: Saul Kaye returns. Welcome to Cannabis Academy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on caneconnomy.com. That's two N's in the word economy. Ton of direct insight right there on caneconnomy.com, so do please visit. First, a word from Wanna Brands and then Saul Kaye. Want to know what's Wanna Brands? Nancy, state expansion.

Nancy: Yes.

Seth Adler: Into Illinois specifically.

Nancy: Yes. We are in the process of launching it in Illinois. A very interesting state. Enormous population as you know. It's completely medical at this point in time. But the thing that's encouraging about it is that they keep adding new allowable conditions to the mix. The patient population is growing quite nicely.

Seth Adler: That patient cap keeps going up, right?

Nancy: It keeps going up. Yup. We think long-term it's going to be an excellent state for us.

Seth Adler: Bet your mash. Am I saying that right?

Saul Kaye: Beit Shemesh.

Seth Adler: Beit Shemesh. All I know is that every time I try to pronounce something here in Israel, the first time it's never correct.

Saul Kaye: Beit Shemesh is house of the sun.

Seth Adler: Oh? There is a house in New Orleans as well.

Saul Kaye: That's right. That's right. This area that we sit in is called q'nah-bosem which in the Torah is the reference to cannabis, q'nah-bosem.

Seth Adler: Is that purposeful or did we get lucky there?

Saul Kaye: Oh, very lucky.

Seth Adler: OKaye.

Saul Kaye: Very lucky.

Seth Adler: That's amazing. Let's go ahead and stay in Torah and explain what we're talking about as far as cannabis. How does it come up?

Saul Kaye: How does it come up?

Seth Adler: What does it say?

Saul Kaye: Actually in part of the ka torah, the special spices that the Coen, the head chieftain would prepare has a whole bunch of different spices, myrrh and-

Seth Adler: Frankincense.

Saul Kaye: ... frankincense and cannabis. That was the first reference. Then throughout the Gamorah there are references to q'nah-bosem and things that create smoke, which we use in the service at the temple. But there's no negative response to cannabis outside of the 1940s when the rabbis in America said, well, it's an illegal substance. You shouldn't use it.

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