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| September 10, 2019

Kyle Kingsley shares a wealth of information on this episode of CEO M.D. Below are a few key takeaways: Kyle Kingsley M.D. has recently acquired operating spaces in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Massachusetts. As a result, that brings his company, Vireo, up to 10 states they’re licensed to operate in. Expansion coincided with being a public company traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). Ticker VREO. Not many large multi-state operators are in the playing field yet. Therefore, Vireo has the unique position of coming at the industry from a medical angle. Vireo is selective in who they acquire. To avoid oversaturated markets, they focus on states with a limited number of licenses. Quality of operations is also a necessity. Conservative states like Georgia, Missouri, Carolinas and Utah are more interested in a physician-led science-based cannabis practices like Vireo, which sets them apart from their competitors in those regions. Vireo supports social equality across the cannabis industry. Vireo itself is a diverse company. Kingsley used to be an ER doctor. He believes that cannabis can help reduce opioid, tobacco, and alcohol abuse. Vireo developed the FREDOM (Flexible Reduction and Expedited Discontinuation of Opioid Medications) Protocol, which helps physicians in conjunction with their patients wean off opioids and begin cannabis for chronic pain. While there is still a lot of cannabis research to be done, common sense should allow for the practical use of cannabis. After four years and hundreds of thousands of administrations, no side effects have come up, even coincidentally, …

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