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Wasted Tax Dollars: Part 2

Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Action Partnership | September 18, 2019

After outlining the culprit of the United States’ wasted tax dollars in Part I, it’s time to start thinking about solutions. The first step is to learn from lessons of the past. We now understand how costly the prohibition and the criminal justice system is. We’ve come to terms with their failed attempts at managing a complex issue. It’s time to look at the foundational issues of drug abuse and spend our money there. By investing in treatment and education, we’re spending less and doing more. Education is fundamental, but it has to be effective. The failed D.A.R.E. program brought in police officers and scare tactics. A better way Instead, in Portugal, for example, they bring in health practitioners who know about drugs, what they are and what they do. They take a fact-based approach to the side effects of drugs. It’s made a dramatic difference. Last time, we went over the cause and effect of wasted tax dollars. Looking forward, we want to ensure that we don’t put any policies in place that cause another heavy tax burden. We have to pay attention to legislation proposals at the local, state, and federal levels. We tend to believe that the policymakers we elect and put into office know everything about everything. Generally speaking, they seem to know very little about very little. It takes advocates who have done the research and who have been in a particular line of business to continually educate our elected officials and help them make the right …

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